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Arri Alexa Classic Camera

The ALEXA CLASSIC camera was first to conquer a film look using digital cinema technology and remains legend to this day. Reliable in any work environment, ALEXA will provide your story with stunningly beautiful imagery. It comes with a Super 35 CMOS sensor with a native 3.5k resolution with 14 stops of dynamic range. Designed to have a wide range of workflow, ALEXA records with an onboard SxS encoder in Rec709 or LogC to ProRes 444 or 422 codecs as well as DNxHD. ARRIRAW recording is possible with an external recorder, delivering uncompressed 12 bit raw with 2880 x 1620 pixels.

• Body weighs 14 lbs.
• 14 stops of Latitude
• Alev III Sensor
• Native 800 ASA
• ARRIRAW recording to an External Recorder
• Record 3k, 1080p
• Record .75-60fps at 1080p
• Super 35 film look
• Records 2 Channel, uncompressed 24 bit 48KHz audio

Best Overall Image Quality
A great looking image consists of many parts: the absence of artifacts, high dynamic range, sharp and natural rendering, high sensitivity, low noise and natural color reproduction. All ALEXA cameras provide the best overall image quality with the least amount of fuss.

To render images with a film-like, organic look, all components of the ALEXA imaging chain are proprietary high performance custom designs: the optical low pass filter, the CMOS sensor, the electronics hardware imaging engine and the image processing software.

The ALEXA sensor provides high dynamic range images through an unequalled exposure latitude of more than 14 stops (as measured with the ARRI Dynamic Range Test Chart) with special consideration given to highlight treatment. Creating a good looking roll-off in the highlights is probably one of the most difficult tasks for any sensor designer and we have spent enormous resources at insuring exceptional highlight handling. ALEXA’s wide exposure latitude translates into a ‘thick’ digital negative; there is more detail information in the highlights and in the dark areas than any of the current display technologies can disclose. This means tremendous flexibility when color grading and makes ALEXA images future-proof for high dynamic range (HDR) display technologies.

Click here to see an illustration of ALEXA’s exposure latitude 

Because of ALEXA’s great overall image quality, its images can be easily up or down-sampled for spectacular HD, 2K, 4K UHD or 4K Cine deliverables.

ALEXA’s high sensitivity and its ability to retain definition even when extremely under or overexposed make it very easy to work with. ALEXA’s unique color processing was developed by the same ARRI color scientists that have been working on the ARRILASER and ARRISCAN; thus they are intimately familiar with both film and digital color science. ALEXA renders natural colors, great looking skin tones and shows great color separation while also showing a fantastic ability to resolve mixed color temperature sources.
Efficient and Versatile Workflows
ALEXA represents the most efficient and versatile method to capture and then transport images, audio and metadata through the production process. This is achieved with a multitude of in-camera recording options, support for the native codecs of the most popular non-linear editors, complete rich metadata, integrated color management and a pre-recording option. So, disregarding if you want to shoot a low budget TV series or Martin Scorsese’s next big Hollywood feature, you can configure an ALEXA for the task at hand. This is also great for rentals, who can use the same product for many different customer demands.

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