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New Partnership: RAW Marketing

We want to announce our new and amazing partnership with RAW Marketing. Because it is in our best nature to help our fellow filmmakers out, in addition to Pink Hippo’s full service packages, RAW Marketing is here to assist you and your production with all aspects of project promotion. From understanding and creating a successful marketing – PR budget to the importance of film promotion and marketing during production, our new partnership insures the film is successfully received.

For branded content, RAW Marketing can help with the initial marketing campaign as well as PR outreach for the final cut.

Independent Film Marketing Services:

Defining your film’s target audience • Setting up your film’s website with SEO and mobile responsiveness (we design and set up your audience ad list as well) • Create, refine and implement your film’s marketing campaigns • Set up social networks that reach your target audience as well as manage all social marketing • Create relevant content for social, digital and PR distribution • Word of mouth campaigns as well as PR Outreach to help spread the word • Launch event marketing as well as event management.

Check out RAW Marketing online!

RAW Marketing Website

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