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Pink Hippo Productions Partners with Old School Cameras in Burbank, California!

PHP is ECSTATIC to announce its partnership with the Californian camera rental house, Old School Cameras (OSC). Old School Cameras provides high-quality camera equipment and lenses to filmmakers in the greater Los Angeles area. The camera rental house has been in operation since 2006, and has accumulated many clients involved in a variety of productions. OSC has serviced independent and studio feature films, short films, music videos, and television shows. Recently, they serviced the feature film Wild, from the director of Dallas Buyers Club and starring Reese Witherspoon. One can view more of their clients by visiting their website. Founder and owner Jesse MacDonald obtained a Degree of Fine Arts from the University of Southern California in 1999 and gained experience as a Director of Photography in LA’s film industry, taking his knowledge and passion of cameras to establish the camera rental house. With his guidance, Old School Cameras shows great care and respect to its clients and provides a variety of packages to filmmakers. A detailed inventory can be found on their website, which includes the “old school” film cameras and lenses used for spectacular shots in Rush and Godfather II, as well as the latest in digital cinema equipment. Pink Hippo’s Alexa XT is housed at OSC, and it makes a perfect pair when matched up with a set of OSC’s variety of anamorphic lenses. Old School Cameras has an extensive camera rental network, if sub-rentals are necessary. However, needing something that OSC doesn’t have is unlikely, as evidenced by projects that they have fully serviced. Like Old School Cameras, PHP specializes in providing high quality equipment and service to its diverse clients and productions. Both houses show the same devotion and care to their clients’ needs. But it’s more than similar work ethics that joined these two houses. PHP and OSC have the same mindset, of making equipment and services widespread and getting more filmmakers together.

The Impact to You  

Simply put, Pink Hippo Productions brings projects of any kind and magnitude to life. What is unique, however, about PHP is that it is a one-stop shop for all of your production needs. Not only does PHP fully produce a project, but it also offers its own equipment to utilize, principles to use as crew members, and post-production services. This means that a project can be completed entirely in house, from pre through post-production. When PHP’s services are combined with their equipment, time and money are saved. A Pink Hippo production is on time, under budget, and above expectations. Old School Cameras strengthens and expands Pink Hippo’s ability to offer their equipment and services to productions because OSC can provide one day shipping to productions anywhere in the country! This excites PHP because they aspire to create a global network of filmmakers that can receive the best resources and team up for production. Professional filmmakers need to be connected to the networks and resources to get their project–no matter how large or small–into production. MacDonald established the partnership with PHP to also expand its network. Old School Cameras can provide more business to their local filmmakers, provide professional cameras and equipment, and work with filmmakers in PHP’s network. As a start, PHP wants to be the bridge for independent filmmakers between Chicago & LA. PHP’s ultimate goal is to nourish and establish this network in order to help filmmakers all over the country accomplish their dream of making their film/project. PHP hopes to work with production companies and on productions throughout the country. Pink Hippo Productions is excited by what they can accomplish and look forward to working together with Old School Cameras. “By partnering a high end rental house with a production house, the possibilities are truly endless”—Mike Walker.   By: Julia Jakubow

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