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Pink Hippo’s Spotted in Minnesnowta


Co-owner, Dallas McGee, and one of our account executives, Jack Pigozzi, were born and raised on the icy plains of Minnesota. The film industry has been rapidly growing up there and we’re proud to announce that we will soon be bringing some of our creative flair to the mix. After doing some research and talking to some nice folks in the industry, we are now a member of the Minnesota Television and Film Board, which makes us eligible for Minnesota’s new Snowbate program! Snowbate provides a reimbursement of up to 25% of Minnesota production expenditures – This is fantastic news for the Land of 10,000 Lakes and we’re excited to dive in head first…

Also, we’ve recently joined the Minneapolis Regional Chamber of Commerce, granting us the ability to network with some of the most influential businesses in the Twin Cities area. Dallas and Jack can finally unleash their nordic accents, dontcha’ know, and introduce Pink Hippo to the prairies they once called home.

Bob Pigozzi, a prominent member of the Minneapolis Chamber and one of Jack’s closest confidants, had this to say:

“Creative agencies are booming in the Twin Cities. And it’s not like anywhere else. They inspire one another through a neighborly and collaborative system that values a quality final product coming out of Minnesota. That way, businesses will keep coming back to this fine city for creative content”.

Bob then stared up into the snowy sky for a moment, basking in the cold northern air, and said, “It’s like a hot-dish on a cold winter night, all of those funky ingredients come together to create something warm and delicious, and it gets better every time”. 

Needless to say, Pink Hippo Productions fits the mold. So keep your eyes peeled and your ears to the grindstone because the Hippos are migrating north!

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