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Popular PHP web spot turned broadcast spot makes it to ESPN!

Pink Hippo Productions recently teamed up with Cates Collaborative and Rockit Projects to do a series of web spots for CD One Price Cleaners. One of the videos entitled, “Can’t Afford Not To”, was doing so well for CD One Price Cleaners that they decided to make it into a 30 second spot. It will be airing over the next 6 weeks here in the Chicagoland area.

PHP was excited to co-produce this project and work with such a talented group of creatives.

The President of Rockit Projects Inc., Pasquale Iannino, had this to say – “Our goal with these videos was to hit a specific target market by using branded entertainment as a way to get the message across while entertaining the viewer.”

PHP producer and co-owner, John Xydis, acted as the supervising producer for production while DP and co-owner, Nick Puetz, hopped on board as the camera technician and first AC. PHP also assembled the crew and provided their top of the line equipment.

Each video features a different scenario that requires the need for clean clothes. The writing team at Cates Collaborative created inventive and hilarious situations that bring the message to life. All videos are currently live on the CD One Price Cleaners website:

CD One Price Cleaners

“Can’t Afford Not To” will air on Comcast with stations including, ESPN, CNN, BRAVO, A&E, FOODTV, OXYGEN, TV LAND, and OWN. It will air on these channels over the next six weeks throughout the Chicagoland Area.

Can’t Afford Not To:


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