Pink Hippo Productions – A Chicago Digital Cinema Production House

Pink Hippo Productions is a Chicago video production company, or better stated, a digital cinema production house in Chicago. We provide a production experience like no other!

Digital Cinema combines the quality and look of a 35mm film camera with the most advanced HD technology, making it far superior to today’s ‘video’ camera. With these capabilities, Pink Hippo has full mastery and creative control over every product we produce.

Created by a collaborative team of three progressive filmmakers, Pink Hippo Productions is experienced in the latest techniques in digital film-making. With creativity, professionalism, and rhythmic workflow, Pink Hippo is sought out for its dynamic cinematic expertise. As artists, it is important that every frame is composed with precision, harmonizing beautiful lighting and buttery camera movement through seamless post-production.

Pink Hippo specializes in narrative film-making and is building an extensive portfolio ranging from television shows, documentaries, music videos, viral/web content, extreme sports, table tops, commercial specs and more. No matter what your next project calls for, Pink Hippo will work with you closely to develop a visually exquisite piece of digital cinema. Climb to new horizons with Pink Hippo Productions as we diligently become Chicago’s premier digital cinema production house.